Zegama-Aizkorri Virtual Zegama-Aizkorri Virtual

Zegama-Aizkorri Virtual

The Zegama-Aizkorri planned for May 24 had to be postponed to 2021, but at Salomon we refuse to imagine a year without Zegama.

Will you help us keep its magic alive?
We challenge you to run it from home, and in exchange you could win a number for 2021!

How it works?

Salomon and the Zegama-Aizkorri organisation refuse to go without the 2020 race, even if it has to be virtual.  ¿Will you help us keep the magic of Zegama alive?

Our proposal to you: complete the 42 km in 10 days. You decide what distance to cover each time you go out and how many days you will take to complete the route. Just one day? Go for it, and good luck.

You need to log the distance covered in each training session on our website until you reach the 42 km (don't worry about the cumulative elevation gain). Once you've run the full distance, you will receive a personalised finisher diploma and ... you will be entered in the drawing for a number for the 2021 race!

To participate in the Virtual Zegama-Aizkorri and have a chance to win a number for 2021, please follow these steps:

  1. Register, and receive your personalised bib number.
  2. Once you have registered you will have access to your Profile, where you can manually upload your activity log.
  3. You will receive virtual prizes as you advance along the route, to keep you motivated and be able to share them on social media.
  4. Complete the 42 km in as many sessions as you need, but within 10 days.
  5. When you have finished the route you will receive an email with your diploma and be entered in the drawing for the 2021 number. To be included, you have to share your diploma on Instagram with the hashtag #ZegamaDesdeCasa and follow the @salomon.spain and @zegmaaizkorri accounts.
  6. And on May 24, the day the 2020 race was going to be held, we will all get together at the Live we are preparing. There will be surprises and the number drawing. Join at 18:00 CET on the Salomon ES or Zegama Aizkorri Facebook page, or on the Zegama Aizkorri YouTube channel. Don't miss it!
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Once you have registered for the event you will have access to the Your Profile space, where you will find a section called "My Activities". There you can enter your progress and even attach the link for the tracks you have run.
No, that's not necessary. The Virtual Zegama-Aizkorri isn't a competition, so it's not mandatory to attach the track recorded on a GPS device. You can enter the distance covered manually. Our aim is for this to be an initiative that helps you get motivated in these first training sessions and mountain runs.
You have 10 days to complete the whole route and be eligible for the drawing of a number for the 2021 race.
Of course! If you're mentally and physically prepared to do so, go ahead. Good luck.
No, just the distance, although completing the 2736 metres of elevation gain could be a good challenge and we would be very proud of you
Complete the Virtual Zegama route before May 24. Download your finisher diploma. Share it on your Instagram wall with the hashtag #ZegamaDesdeCasa and follow the @salomon.spain and @zegamaaizkorri accounts.

The drawing will take place live at the Live event on the 24th on our Facebook pages (Zegama Aizkorri and SalomonES) and YouTube channels (Zegama Aizkorri and Salomon Spain).